The Movement towards Violence as a Health Issue consists of over 500 individuals representing more than 150 organizations across the country dedicated to activating the health and community response to violence. The Initiative, which began in July of 2015, is led by Former Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher, Former Dean of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Dr. Al Sommer, and CEO/Founder of Cure Violence Dr. Gary Slutkin.  

We intend to fundamentally change the discourse on and approach to violence from the prevailing paradigm that understands violence as moral corruption or human failing that only applies punitive strategies to address the issue, to one that includes an understanding and addressing of violence as a health problem – an epidemic. We are activating voices and resources throughout our comprehensive health system and establishing violence prevention as a health sector responsibility and imperative. A health approach to violence prevention offers a solution to the devastating effects of all forms of violence, stabilizing families and communities in a healthy manner - moving the nation towards equity. 


5 Goals of the Movement

1. Develop common understanding and language among health and community groups, leaders, and sectors to greatly elevate violence as a health issue

2. Increase policies to support health approaches to violence prevention

3. Change practices to increase the utilization of health and community solutions to violence prevention

4. Examine opportunities for the health approach to advance racial and health equity

5. Develop additional multi-sector partnerships and coalitions to strengthen the Movement and its relationship to the efforts of related movements to support healthier, safer, more equitable outcomes for all communities.


Meetings and Events - Where the Movement's been and where we are going